8 tips every Fresher should know

University: you’ve probably heard a lot about what it’s going to be like, from parents’ siblings, friends, etc. Well, truth is, ‘The University Experience’ is different for everyone! We at University of Wolverhampton Student’s Union have put together a list of 8 tips that every new Uni student should know.

1. Get Stuck In!

Starting Uni might be a little daunting, especially with huge events such as Freshers’ Fayre going on. It can be tempting to stay in, but going to these events can really show you what sort of stuff goes on at the Uni. You can sign up to a bunch of societies during your first week, so you can find groups of people that like the same things you do (Do you LOVE Harry Potter? We have a society for that too!). Being a Fresher doesn’t necessarily mean going to every local bar and getting wasted – it can be something as simple as meeting up in the local coffee shop to discuss your course.

2. Pack Lightly

If you’re moving into halls, or a house, pack lightly! I know it can be tempting to bring ALL THE THINGS because you desperately need that teddy bear, and OF COURSE you can’t leave behind Nana’s knitted scarf that you don’t even wear because it’s too itchy. Your room may look a little empty at first, but with all that free stuff you’re gonna nab at Freshers, as well as all those shopping trips in town because OMG YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY NOW – your room is going to be super full if you bring too much in the first place. Only bring essentials with you, your desk drawers will thank me later.

3. GO TO LECTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO TO YOUR LECTURES. JUST GO. LOOK AT YOUR TIMETABLE, AND GO. TO. YOUR. LECTURES! Did I make that clear enough? Good. Seriously, getting to know the syllabus, your classmates and lecturers is such a good way to start your course, as you can find out the best ways to get help and advice, as well as what sort of stuff your modules are going to contain. Start as you mean to go on!

4. Get to know the local area

Even if you’re travelling from home, make sure you get the chance to explore the local area and get to know where things are. Find the pharmacy, find the Doctors! Freshers’ flu is actually a thing, so don’t hesitate to learn where all of these things are, as well as the local Greggs or nail salon (ya know, the essentials).

5. Sign up with the local GP

If you’re moving to Uni from quite far away, signing up with the local GP is a must. You can’t be travelling for 3 hours home when you have a chest infection or a weird rash. It’s easy; our Well@Wolves page has the details of the local Doctors and Dentists.

6. Explore the Campus

Exploring your Campus as soon as possible means you’re less likely to get lost when it matters most. You could also bump into some useful places, such as the Uni canteen, or even the Students’ Union!

7. Eat, drink, and sleep properly

Even if you aren’t moving out, make sure you eat and drink properly! Don’t skip breakfast; make sure to have at least ONE vegetable (I know… I know) remember a healthy body = healthy mind! It’s so easy to lose your sleeping pattern at Uni too, so make sure you get enough sleep. Being an “Adult” doesn’t mean you don’t have a bed time, it means you’re in control of your own! Yes, growing up sucks.

8. Finally, HAVE FUN!

Not to force you or anything, but make sure you do at least one fun thing in your first week at Uni. I know that starting a Uni course can be daunting, but finding a balance between Uni work and rest/having fun really is the way to go. Have an open mind, you might surprise yourself!


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