Study Well, Study Fair - Plagiarism

As part of our Well@Wolves Strategy... Study Well, Study Fair - Plagiarism
Is the campaign that has been devised to help you avoid being penalised for plagiarism at University.

Facts and stats

Did you know?

  • There were 488 cases of plagiarism at the University in 2015/16.
  • The penalties for plagiarism at the University of Wolverhampton range from failing the piece of work in question through to exclusion from the University (depending on your level of study, the nature of the plagiarism and whether you’ve committed previous offences).
  • The university uses Turnitin, a software programme which can identify when you have used other people’s words and can identify where those words came from!

Help and support

For support with referencing (including RefWorks) and academic writing check out the Skills for Learning department:

For further information on academic misconduct please see the University’s Conduct and Appeals Department webpages


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