Society of the Month May Winners

Congratulations to the Hindu Society who are our May, Society of the Month Winners!

The Hindu Society were chosen because of the Sewa work they have done as a society and as individuals this year. Sewa is an act of kindness without expectation. They have worked in the community to make a difference, volunteering their time and effort to help people. It’s very inspiring.

Find out more about the Hindu Society below from their Society Members:

The society formed at Freshers’ Fayre 2016. We had a small stall with some sweets and a menu to showcase the societies plan for the year.

We meet every Wednesday in the SU Boardroom from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. The venue and date may be different during some weeks if we are running a Sewa event.

Our aim is to showcase the Hindu religion and the culture that comes along with it. We are looking to teach and help you embrace the culture that comes along as being part of the Hindu Society. Being one of the oldest religions on earth, it has a lot of Goosebumps-giving information that makes everyone surprised! The society is not just about the Hindu religion and certainly not only for those who practice Hinduism.

A new society is never easy to run. However, for what we have achieved in one year, we feel as though every member needed to know that their time and effort was seen and acknowledged. We wanted the rest of the university to know the work our members have put in too.

We have gained a family. The society will be your home away from home. We have had a few social events to bring everyone in the society together and get to know each other just a little bit more. We had a Welcome Dinner at university, went to Airspace to jump about, we had some fundraising events where we sold food and ‘mithai’. We had a trip to Leicester to participate in the ‘central-zone garba event’. Sewa is what we pledge to do at our society. Sewa means helping and help can come in any form and can be given to anyone who needs it. Our first society Sewa was when we cleaned 3 temples in Wolverhampton, inside and out. Our biggest accomplishment was tearing down 4 rooms in a temple and completely re-doing them. We stripped wallpaper down, moved the furniture around, plastered and painted the walls. The project took about 6 weeks but it was all done as Sewa. Every member also had their individual Sewa idea which they accomplished and made a difference with. We also attended the NHSF sports event. This is where we met all the other Hindu societies and competed against them in badminton, football, Khokho and Kabbadi.  

We have learnt what difference a society can make to the life of students. Some of the members have been practicing the religion throughout their lives, but the society was able to put a reason behind the things we do and what we were told. We have reached a stage where we can now tell people about our religion, its traditions and the culture that comes along with it.

All students need to know is that they are welcome. It doesn’t really matter what religion you are or if you believe in religion or not, come along...learn about the rituals, the culture, the traditions, our temples, our music, our reasoning behind some of the things the world finds a little odd. ...oh and also... come along and enjoy our food!

To join the Hindu Society or find out more about them visit their Society page here.



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