Society Spotlight: LGBT+

Society Spotlight Society Spotlight

Wolves SU have started the Society Spotlight to highlight and give some acknowledgement to societies that have really shined (pun intended) throughout the month, whether that’s through some amazing events they put on or the great support they provided to their members.

This month the Spotlight is shining on the wonderful LGBT+ Society as they have been doing some fantastic work throughout LGBT+ History Month in February, organising some really fun events for their members. We met with the chair of the LGBT+ Society, Sela, to find out some more about her and what she has been doing with the society.


Hi Sela! Congratulations on being the Spotlight Society for this month with the LGBT+ Society. How long have you now been a part of the LGBT+ Society?

I have been part of the LGBT+ Society for AGES now haha! I joined the society as a member 4 years ago, have been on the committee for 3 years and chaired for 2 years now. I have spent most of my time at University with the LGBT+ Society.

Wow, that’s a really long time! What would you say have been some of the most exciting times you have had with the LGBT+ Society?

Oof, that’s a difficult question. We have done so many fun things that it’s hard to choose! In terms of big events, I would have to probably say the Rainbow & Glitter Party we organised for LGBT+ History Month in 2020 – it even won us the Society Event of the Year at the SU Awards! This was of course when we were still able to do events in person and have a big party, we even hired a drag queen and there was lots of free pizza. The recipe for the perfect event in my eyes really!

That sounds like you had an amazing party! How have you been approaching events with the society this year, now that everything has to be online?

Having to do all our events virtually has definitely made things a bit more complicated, but we have certainly been trying our best. We have continued having weekly virtual coffee meets on our Discord server as well as organising other events every now and then. We have taken a bigger focus on mental health and spent some more time campaigning with the SU and University for changes and improvements for the LGBT+ community at our University.

Those meets sound like great fun! What are some of the main things you have accomplished in terms of campaigning this year?

This year for us the main focus was trans rights at our University. In the past there have been some struggles for transgender students to try and change their name, so we worked closely with the University’s Head of Diversity and Equality to implement some changes and improve the support and services for our transgender students.

That is fantastic, you are clearly doing a great job with the LGBT+ Society. If anyone would like to join the LGBT+ Society, how would they go about it?

You can head over to and sign up as a member there. It is completely free of charge to join us! You will then be able to join our private Facebook group on

Thank you so much for your time Sela, and we wish you all the best for the rest of the year with the LGBT+ Society.


For other societies who are interested in being the Society Spotlight, keep up the fantastic work that you are already doing and your society might be the lucky one to get highlighted next time!