Let’s Talk About…. Conversations with SSW

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University service Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) are holding a series of weekly conversations during Welcome and beyond via Microsoft Teams.

You are encouraged to join in and chat about current topics, share tips and experiences, get a better understanding of University life, and learn about a bit of psychological theory too. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like talking, it’s okay if you would rather just listen.

The full list of conversations taking place is below. Please note that each conversation is limited to 50 places.



‘Trying Something New: Hobbies, Interests & Things You Enjoy’


Tuesday 22nd September
12pm – 1pm

‘Juggling the demands: The every increasing to-do list.’

Wednesday 23rd September
12pm – 1pm

‘Quenching Your Thirst: the affect of dehydration on the brain, Food & Mood, Budget recipes & Keeping safe whilst out drinking.’

Thursday 24th September

12pm – 1pm

‘Things I wish I’d known When I Started Uni’ - Chat with current or recently graduated students.’

Thursday 1st October
12pm – 1pm

'Mental Health, Kindness, and Compassion.'

Thursday 8th October
12pm – 1pm

‘How Do We Stay Connected and Maintain Meaningful Friendships in This ‘New Normal?’

Thursday 15th October

12pm – 1pm

‘Time Bandits: Managing time, work, life, study balance’


Thursday 22nd October
12pm – 1pm

'Let’s Talk About... Sexuality & Gender'

Thursday 29th October
12pm – 1pm

'Let's Talk About... Men, Keeping Fit, Staying Well, Managing Demands'

Thursday 5th November
12pm – 1pm

'Let's Talk About... Sleep. Are We Getting Enough, or Too Much? Things That Can Help If We Have Problems With Sleep'


Thursday 12th November

12pm – 1pm

'How We Can Thrive and Succeed in These Uncertain Times'

Thursday 19th November
12pm – 1pm

'Let's Talk About... Our Hopes and Aspirations For Being at Uni: How Are You Getting On?'

Thursday 26th November

12pm - 1pm 

'Let's Talk About... Procrastination: What Stops Us Doing The Thing We Want and Need To Do?'

Thursday 3rd December

12pm - 1pm

'Let's Talk About... Music and Wellbeing'

Thursday 10th December

12pm - 1pm

'Let's Talk About... Christmas: Our Hopes and Expectations For This Time of Year'

Thursday 17th December

12pm - 1pm


Here’s the link to join the conversation on Thursdays at 12pm - 1pm: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting



Confidentiality & Respect 

  • Whilst the Let’s Talk About…’ conversation series is intended to be helpful for the wellbeing of students, it is not a direct source of mental health support for those with an urgent need. 
  • Please note: the online conversation is not a confidential space. Other participants can see the comments you post in the chat and your name will appear in the participant list. However, you can delete your comment from the chat afterwards if you wish.
  • By joining the conversation you are acknowledging that you continue to hold responsibility for your own welfare, will respect the confidentiality of those present, and not to share the joining details with anyone who is not a student of the University of Wolverhampton.  
  • Click here for TEAMs meeting etiquette information which you may find useful 
  • Please be kind and respectful:  no racist, sexist or disrespectful content please.
  • Do ask us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above  
  • Should you need support or advice for your mental wellbeing please see our webpages here
  • For any questions about how conversations are managed, please ask before you join, or email MHWEnquiries@wlv.ac.uk


Who we are: 

This project is being hosted as part of a cross-collaboration initiative of the University of Wolverhampton, including The Mental Health & Wellbeing Team and Student Support & Wellbeing.

Sally Smith and Phil Adeogun will host the weekly conversation, with guest speakers from across the university invited for specific topics.  

If there is a topic you would like us to talk about do let us know by emailing MHWEnquiries@wlv.ac.uk



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