Changes to Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund to help students with Caring Responsibilities

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Changes have been made to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund to help enable students with caring responsibilities to be formerly recognised within the criteria required for the fund. The changes have taken place following the combined work of the SU and the University.

This means that when applying to the University for financial help towards living costs, if the student can prove they have caring responsibilities, the University will make an allowance for this in their means tested calculation.  This is also in acknowledgement of the fact that Full Time students are not eligible to receive Carer’s Allowance, yet if caring, may not be able to supplement their student income through paid work.

The Students’ Union continues to work on the Extenuating Circumstances review with the University and have also asked that Student Carers to be formerly recognised. We will continue to work to ensure that these concessions are embedded in all relevant University policy to secure support required by students going forward.

Want to find out more about the Dennis Turn Opportunity Fund, visit the information webpage.


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