BLM online portal launched

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The University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union have launched a Black Lives Matter resource webpage to aid in supporting both students and staff during the movement and beyond.

For black students, officers and staff this movement has been both welcome and unsettling; it can be exhausting and often traumatising to see timelines filled with reminders of violence against black people. However, there is a feeling of hope - key racial justice messages appear to be reaching the mass population with many realising the vast work they have yet to do to learn about racism.

Speaking on the creation of the online resource hub, Esther Shonibare, Vice-President Diversity said: “Wolverhampton Students' Union is committed to tacking racism and injustice, especially those injustices faced by our students.

“This webpage has been created as a way to share further information on what individuals can do to help in the fight against oppression and racism and what we are doing as an organisation as part of this crucial global movement.

“All students and staff are encouraged to utilise the webpage and if there is anything you would like to add, to send over a suggestions to the submissions box at the bottom of the page.”

The webpage went live on Thursday 9th July and can be found at


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