Update on SAMS

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Hello all,

I am pleased to say that with support from our external partners we have resolved the issues with SAMS, we've completed user testing and we are now ready to update the system and make it available off-campus again.

Particular thanks to Jason, Cath and Richard for their relentless pursuit of the right solutions (not just the quickest). And thanks to all of you for your patience and willingness to ensure sensible workarounds in place for our students and staff.

Following a bit more testing and rigorous change approval we are planning to implement the system updates on Monday 14th January.

The next step after this is ensuring that all students and staff are aware of the changes that have been made to make the systems available again and to ensure that data is secure. It is important to us that students and staff are able to access the tutors and feedback they need to allow a smooth university experience and we hope that the resolved issues helps allow this to take place.

If anyone has any question, do get in touch on UWSUacademic@wlv.ac.uk 


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