January update

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·       I helped our Well@Wolves coordinator with exam de-stress by acting on student feedback and putting an arts and craft session on in Telford.  Made some Pompoms weren’t a good turnout

·       Had 4 induction talks in the past month. They were in city and Walsall talking to January starters in the past month in the faculty of health, education and wellbeing. A couple of session ended up with students coming into the SU to grab a free doughnut and a hot drink. This created awareness of the SU services too and straight away students started coming to the advice and representation centre.

·       Went to FEWH staff conference in Walsall football grounds and raised awareness of the SU services and when they should refer to the SU and the matters we deal with. This was important for me to do because occasional staff members can get confused about our services and may refer to us for the wrong things, also because there was range of staff members there from Deans to student services staff members and a range of new starters.

·       Had several halls drop ins, in both Walsall halls of residence and City campus halls and liberty heights and will be making way over to Telford soon. This has allowed me to talk to students about any housing issues or just a general chat about anything. A lot of people were interested in pride night.


Objectives update

Increase provision of mental health support-

·       Have been working with ARC and SSW so we have created mental health forum which will be action focused, therefore this is a chance for students to shape Student Support and Wellbeing services that will provide a better provision of the service.

·       Also, have recruited several mental health and wellbeing Ambassadors which has had training this week by SSW this will allow students suffering from low level wellbeing issues to get peer to peer support. They will be offering one to one support and group support. As well as helping out with a number of events.

·       Also, be heavily involved with planning on the University Mental health day which will be done over a week across campuses in March.

Support societies and improve their training package.

·       Been supporting the LGBT+ society with creating and running events for LGBT+ history month. We have a range of activities and events going on from tea and chat- pride night which will end in celebration on 28th with pride night.

·        Have been linking societies together, for example LGBT+ society with the new dj society called wave theory and a couple of other societies so hopefully will be seeing a range of different event.

Using Create Change to work on making a more inclusive campus

·       After working with the FEHW now the director of facilities have started work on rooms that are more family friendly, so there will be baby changing equipment, taps so people can wash their hands straight away and students will also be able to express there too. The room will also be suitable to use if students want a private and quiet place for other reasons.

·       Making the campus more autistic friendly too, an order have been placed for a number of items for the SU and the chaplaincy to create a small sensory room when a student needs this. However, there is work underway for a room in ML building to be the designated sensory room. I stated that it was important for it to be in this building as this will also give students direct access to SSW.