Liberation Reps

Our Liberation Reps are here to start a campus-wide conversation on Belonging, Identity and Community.

Empowered by Wolves SU, they will engage with Students and Staff alike, actively listen, gather evidence, and deliver a range of events and initiatives that will provide opportunities for friendship and connection for the diverse student communities at Wolves SU.

Feel free to get in touch with any of our reps with suggestions or feedback on your experience that you wish to share, to help positively shape the student experience.


Mohammad - International



Faculty: Arts, Business and Social Sciences

Currently Studying: Human Resource Management

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: To identify and raise real life concerns of international students.

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: To let no excuse for international students regarding the availability of all facilities within the SU and WLV.

Fun fact about me!: I robbed the library of my school in grade 7. I am not proud, but since you have asked, that is why.

Hayley - Disability



Faculty: Institute of Human Sciences

Currently Studying: Psychology with Counselling

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: I decided to become a liberation rep after my own experiences through the education system as a disabled woman. I realise how often academia is often inaccessible for those with disabilities, so I wanted to advocate for the community. My passion for advocation came around during the pandemic where I felt for the first time that many of the accommodations, I had wished for had finally happened during the pandemic - and I realise that I am not the only one with this experience. This experience made me think more widely about the struggles that disabled people face, and this made me feel rather passionate about becoming a liberation rep.

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: I want to raise a conversation about disabled students experiences in academia, and how the pandemic may have affected this. Furthermore, I am extremely passionate about bringing the disabled community together, and this is one of my key aims of what I would like to achieve in the role. I would also like to bring the wider liberation groups together, and this would be done via events and other social activities.

Fun fact about me!: I went to America without my family at age 12

Emma - LGBTQ+



Faculty: FSE

Currently Studying: MSc Wildlife Conservation

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: I felt there was very little being done at the university to make me feel part of the community there as a lesbian woman. Even though there is a zero tolerance policy with issues such as homophobia, transphobia etc., I found that there was a lack of visual representation of the LGBTQ+ community in lectures and around campus. This role has given me the opportunity to be a voice for fellow students within my community to make sure our diversity is being celebrated.

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: For me, the student community doesn’t stop at the campus walls or between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. Community for our students extends further than this and I am currently creating links with external LGBTQ+ organisations and venues so we can collaborate and work together to create a sense of belonging to Wolverhampton as a whole. I am also currently working on an initiative to get preferred names and preferred pronouns on all university systems. Conversations with students have shown how distressing and embarrassing it can be when preferred pronouns and names are not being used. Hopefully this project will make sure that our students will be identifiable by what they choose, not what others perceive. A goal for me is to get representation of the university at Birmingham Pride this year! If anyone would like to be involved, please contact me!

Fun fact about me!: I used to be a zoo keeper at Dudley Zoo

Matthew - Mature



Faculty: School of Mathematics and Computer Science

Currently Studying: Bsc Computer Science

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: I am passionate about advocating for student equality and ensuring that students have a positive university experience.

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: I hope to increase student engagement and help to make sure that students feel supported and included during their time at university.

Fun fact about me!: I’m a keen photographer and enjoy visiting new places to take landscape photos.

Katie - Gender Equality



Faculty: outdated

Currently Studying: outdated

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: outdated

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: outdated

Fun fact about me!: outdated

Vacant - BIPOC




Faculty: Vacant

Currently Studying: Vacant

Why I decided to be a liberation rep: Vacant

What I want to achieve while being a liberation rep: Vacant

Fun fact about me!: Vacant