Netflix Party

Wednesday 26 May 2021, noon - 1pm
MS Teams

Join us for a natter as we watch 'Somebody Feed Phil' together. Once a month we host a Netflix watch party! There are some instructions on how you can get involved, so bear with. But essentially this means we can all be watching the same show on Netflix at the same time from our laptops, and there's a live little chat box next to the screen for us to chat away in!

At the moment we're watching episodes of Somebody Feed Phil. If you haven't seen it before, it's a foodie docu-series which follows Phil Rosenthal travelling to a new city every episode and learning about the food, the culture, meeting people, making yummy noises and being dorky. It's perfect wholesome TV. Snacks are essential for viewing.


To get involved, you will need to heed the following instructions *clears throat*:

- You will need a Netflix subscription, or the login details of someone else who has one ?? 

- You must be using Google Chrome as your internet browser.

- Then, download the Teleparty Google Chrome extension (do a Google Search for it and it will come up).

- Be signed in to your Netflix account.

That's all you need to do in preparation, then before 12pm on party day we will send out a url link for you to follow, through an announcement on our Canvas topic. At this point you will just click through to that, and then select the red 'Tp' icon in your taskbar which looks like the Teleparty extension logo. That will take you to our party 'room' where you'll see a chat window on the screen for us to natter away!


It sounds like there's lots of steps, but it's not difficult so please don't be put off. A list of dates for Netflix parties (and all our other activities) can be found here:  

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