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Being Wolverhampton is part of the wider 'Who am I? I am Wolverhampton' campaign run by Angel. It is a celebration of everything and everyone that makes up both the University and the City of Wolverhampton. The series will encourage people within underrepresented groups to come together and share their life experiences in a safe space.


"I hope that this series will not only allow participants, and viewers, the chance to gain a deeper understanding of certain challenges and stereotypes that underrepresented groups may face but also give an insight into how experiences can differ WITHIN these groups. After all, no two people are the same."
- Angel Morphew, UWSU Diversity Officer


Being Wolverhampton aims to focus on that which unites us, showing interest and compassion for others, learning and growing together.



Episode 1 - Being Mixed Race


Episode 1 was filmed during Black History Month and allows an insight into the life experiences of Mixed Race students, from hair to identity to experience in Higher Education. Check back for further episodes!



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