VP Diversity Updates


Hello! I’m Angel Morphew and I’ll be representing you as your Diversity Officer 2021/22.

I have just graduated with a First in Sociology at the University of Wolverhampton.

My identity is very complex and what makes me, me is a multiple of things. I am a sister to my autistic brother, who has shown me love through a completely unconventional but beautiful way. I am my mom’s best friend and only daughter; making her proud is my biggest ambition in life. I am a Black mixed-race woman, whom for a long time was utterly lost in understanding what it means to be half Caribbean and half White British … especially in a world which makes you feel you can only choose one identity.

There are many layers to what makes up me, similarly there may be many things that may make you, you.  This is one of the reasons why I ran for VP Diversity and that is to encourage you to express your identity and try to ensure that your expressions are protected and celebrated here at the University and WSU.

I am looking forward to starting the following projects, which many of you helped direct me into what students needed to improve their university experience.

  • Decolonisation Project: to increase students' sense of belonging and to truly tackle the lasting effects of colonialism. I will be embarking on a pilot study that is the steppingstones into empowering racialised minority voices and putting words into action. The benefits of decolonisation are plentiful, one of which is student attainment and motivation, which will hopefully help close the BAME attainment gap.
  • Hidden Cost Campaign: additional costs for resources that come as a surprise to students but are vital in completing their courses needs to be addressed. I hope to support students from all levels and courses to not have hidden costs negatively impact their attainment, financial circumstances and/or mental health.
  • Zero-tolerance Towards Discrimination: it is 2021 and students are still experiencing discrimination on and off campus by both staff and other students. This is not acceptable, and I hope to work closely with the university in ensuring that effective training is implemented for staff and discrimination awareness for students.
  • Diversifying Societies: through diversity training and workshops, I aim to increase society numbers/members and encourage inclusivity of diverse social groups to join societies and to share events.

There are multiple areas such as International Student experience, Mental Health support and Timetabling issues that I hope to support my fellow officers with this academic year. Please feel welcome to reach out to me if you feel I could support you in any equality, diversity or inclusion issues or ideas. 

Contact Email: Angel.Morphew@wlv.ac.uk LinkedIn: Angel Morphew