Institute of Sport and Human Sciences Updates

June update

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather!

As school reps we took part in the sports facilities meeting, where we discussed ideas for the renovation of city campus gym so that these could be put forward to apply for budgets.

Me and Steph, the two Insitute reps for IoHS, had an end of year catch up where we discussed what to take forward to the end of year meeting. We had the end of year meeting with the director of IoHS to summarise feedback we had recieved over the year and make sure all actions were closed.

I finished my second semster after submitting all my assignments!

I attended the following SPEED workshops: Business stragery & start-up, intellectual property and marketing. They were delivered by business consultants and i found them really interesting and informative! 

Me and the School of Business represenative ran the student rep drop in, look out for these as they are weekly and ran by the school reps to help answer any questions students may have.

As univeristy finished I was able to open my mobile pizzeria back up for summer and start personal training again. 

EU Settlement Scheme Deadline is - 30th June 2021 

We have sarted planning for welcome 2021 (freshers).

I with Clare Dickens arranged mental health training for school reps which she will run these include: Three Minutes to Save a Life, Suicide Awareness & mitigation for professionals and Self-harm awareness.

I completed the final rewards and recognition tracker which looks at the engament of course reps in their role and gives them rewards and recogition. 

Finally I collected international student feedback and female sports student feedback. 

Other meetings ive been involved with are Student/Staff Interaction, FEHW Institute Rep meeting.

Finally as school reps we undertook E-recuritment training.