Institute of Sport and Human Sciences Updates

Exam week!

As chair I approved the council minutes and set about completing the actions logs by contacting course and module leads, speaking to course reps, meeting with the other IoHS representative (for physchology) and meeting with the head of the IoHS. I am happy to say that all these actions are now closed, I worked quickly to do this as this was a priority of mine! It is great to see how receptive staff are to feedback!

As staff of the SU we received deaf training, this was made up of 3 x 1 hour sessions and was a great introduction to sign language which taught us some basics. I think this was an extremely important training session and definitely something I will continue to practice and learn. 

As the end of the semester is just around the corner I have been collecting lots of student feedback and speaking to many lecturers.

Last Tuesday Julia Clarke ran the Vision 2030 conference where questions could be asked by students in regard to the plan. It was really interesting to hear such an array of questions, Julia did a great job answering them and it was extremely useful to attend!

Finally we finished the week with an inclusivity conference, again very eye opening and something we are honoured that the university has asked us to be involved as SU staff!

Today marks my last Live HIIT class, I have been teaching live classes for the SU since January!! Its been great to so whilst the gyms have been closed and I hope everyone keeps up being active!

As the semester draws to a close we will begin planning for next year and reflecting on this year, if you have any questions or feedback(positive or negative) then do not hesitate to contact me.

For me finishing university means getting back to my business- a mobile pizzeria!

I will still be available to contact over the summer period.

Good luck with any assessments! I too have assessments!