Institute of Sport and Human Sciences Updates

First week back after Easter


During easter I had 2 weeks off of lecturers and work for the SU, this gave me chance to work on my assignments, my two businesses and take some time to relax! 

On our first day back we had a very important meeting regarding the Universities Access & Participation Plan. In particular the phrase “BAME” was discussed, if you have any views on how this impacts you as a student then please get in touch, your opinion is extremely important!

On Monday I also started a new block of live classes, these are now a 30 minute HIIT workout every Monday 17:30-18:00, it would be great if you got involved! They are live-streamed on both the SU instagram and Facebook, and uploaded afterwards for you to have a go any time!

On Wednesday I chaired the Insitute of Human Sciences council. This meeting had a great turn out and very important points were raised by the course reps. Please make sure you inform your course reps of any feedback you may have its extremely important!!!

After the council meeting I met with the director of the Insitute of Human Sciences to discuss the feedback that was raised at the meeting and we worked on an action plan for this.

I finished this week off by meeting with our business consultant from SPEED. If you haven’t already check out the university of wolverhampton’s SPEED project! We got to chose our business consultant and have 6 hours free consultancy with them its a great opportunity if you are a university student with an SME.

I started to read Grace Beverly’s book which was fantastic, in the first chapters she really focuses on how our work-life balance has become distorted. If anyone feels the same way there’s lots of services the university and SU offer to help, and just know many of us feel the same way including me! Taking time to rest is extremely important and stops you from burning out!

Have a great. weekend!