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Rep blog update 17th of feb

Rep blog update 17th of feb 

I started this week by instructing my 5th live exercise class for the SU, I cannot believe its already been 5 weeks!

I had a meeting regarding Walsall campus with the SU CEO and the SU project manager. Here we highlighted the need for SU activities that add to a students portfolio and discussed different methods of collecting student feedback. 

I also attend the Faculty board meeting for FEHW, where relevant updates in this faculty were discussed. 

We had a Team meeting which include other institute reps, the SU CEO and the SU project manager. Here we discussed our Rep Logs/ blogs, Faculty Board/ FASEC meetings and an update on the SU’s Strategic Plan.

I am involved in the new student success project which looks at recognising achievements of students at the university and creating a testimonial for them highlighting their skills and emphasising their employability. These testimonials will then be published on the SU’s social media to recognise the work of students. 

I have had a catch up meeting with the other institute of human sciences representative- Steph; who oversees the psychology course representatives. We discussed updates that are happening in the institute and any key communication points that we will relay to our course representatives.

As the SU we are currently looking into financial issues that students are currently facing and gaining feedback on Academic Integrity (Misconduct) Campaign. If you have anything to feedback on these then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have started drafting my FASEC report that is due at the end of this month which provides a summary of the semester so far Summary, reflects on previous issues and provides a general update on what I am currently looking at now and for the next 6 weeks until the FASEC meeting. I also raise any Key Student Issues for Attention and any recommendations.

We have agreed on a date for the Institute of Human Sciences Semester 2 Council- 14th of April 14:00-16:00. This Council is an opportunity for students of the Institute of Human Sciences to share their experiences of their course and their courses’ wider student experience. The agenda and invites for this meeting will be sent to course representatives of students at the Institute of Human Sciences nearer the time.

Additionally to my studies and work for the SU, this week I presented to the Health and well-being committee and the Employees engagement committee.

Have a good week,