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A semester in my new role as sports school representative- SEM1 summary

Hi all,

My name is Olivia Simpson, I started the role of sports school representative the beginning of this academic year! As it’s a completely new role I have had to raise awareness about my role. To do this I have dropped into lecturers to introduce myself to students and similarly to staff. I ran the council meeting for SEM1, and it had a really good turnout of course reps it was great to see! Students provided us with positive feedback and raised any issues or concerns they had. From this feedback I went to the relevant staff members to help implement changes were needed. I keep students in the loop the whole time, so they knew how their feedback had helped to contribute. I also attended the course committee meetings in which the course leads and relevant staff members for each course meet with the course reps and obtain feedback etc. I regularly meet with the head of the IoHS here we discuss student feedback and ideas to improve the student experience. In fact, I am meeting with them today!

After dropping into lecturers and emailing students I managed to recruit 24 course reps, then with my manager we co-delivered their training so they knew what was required from them and what they would gain from this role. I set up a group chat for all the reps so that I could drop in important messages and they had a platform to ask queries on and contact me. 

I have also provided the SU with some quick, easy and tasty recipes that are budgeted to suit students! In addition to this on Monday I began my 6 weeks of live exercise classes that are streamed on the SU Instagram and Facebook. I really care about student’s wellbeing and I keep this central to my role. If you have any ideas in mind of what you would like to see implemented then please drop me an email!

Please feel free to reach out and contact me via e-mail at: if you would like to get in touch.

Have a great weekend and stay safe everyone!

Kind Regards,