School of Sciences Updates

Fri 09 Jul 2021

School of sciences update

Dear all,

I hope you're well.

As I have now completed my third year of university I will no longer hold the school representative position and my last day will be 31st July.

I just wanted to remind you that you can continue to send in emails and queries about any problems you may have. No changes can be made if you don't speak up so student voice is important.

I recently attended an applicant day to speak about the university courses and the students union to encourage prospective students to speak up and make a difference at university also the platforms for help that we offer to all students.

I want to wish everyone luck in their next year of university and I hope you enjoy your summer holiday!

Kind regards,



Thu 17 Jun 2021


Hi everybody,

I hope you're well.

As there have been a limited number of issues coming through due to semester 2 now ending there is not much to report.

If there are any issues however, please do contact me as we are still working to help students with any issues. 

There has been alot of involvement within the APP plan in which school reps are able to provide feedback.

Drop in sessions are still ongoing for those that need to ask questions or just want to say hello.

Lastly, I have been following up on issues raised in the school of sciences council.

Kind regards,


Thu 27 May 2021

Blog update

Hi everyone,

As the end of the academic year is approaching I have attended sessions for mental health awareness.


I have also been looking into issues raised within the school of sciences from the council whilst updating the council log.


I hope you all enjoy your summer break, take care of yourselves and if you have any issues please feel free to contact me on:

Thank you.

Fri 30 Apr 2021

Semester 2 update

Hi everyone,

I hope you're doing well.

As the end of semester 2 is fast approaching I have been working on the issues raised by course reps during the school council.

The upcoming FASEC meeting is approaching so anymore feedback from course reps is welcome.

There is also increased awareness for wellbeing and mental health and if you need help please talk to someone as we have targeted help for those that need it.

The students union will also be re-branded and course rep feedback is welcome so please respond to the email sent out by Jennifer Cotter if you haven't already!


That's all from me so far :) 

Prableen Minhas - school of sciences representative. 

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Fri 16 Apr 2021

After Easter Update

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good break.

Just to update you all on what I have been upto:

  • There was an APP meeting on Monday to discuss access and participation
  • Council minutes will shortly be approved and actions will be logged 
  • As it is stress awareness month there is a link to useful resources for anyone that needs it:
  • FASEC will be coming up soon so any issues or feedback please feel free to contact me 
  • Lastly, for great student discounts use the TOTUM app and register for a card - plenty of deals to be had!

That's all from me this week.

Kind regards,


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Mon 22 Mar 2021

Blog update

Hi everyone,


I hope you're all well.

Not long left till the end if the semester!

On that note the school of sciences council is coming up today and any issues raised or positive feedback can be presented and resolved by your course reps.

The new comms update mentions about graduation for those in 2020 and 2021 for those that haven't graduated and emailed me about the subject.







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Fri 05 Mar 2021

Happy Friday :)

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! Its finally the end of the week and I for one am looking forward to the weekend.

I hope everyone is well and I just wanted to give a quick update.

This week I have had training on how to communicate more effectively with both staff and students, the session was really insightful and I look forward to putting these new skills to the test.

There was also a focus group taking place on student staff engagement alongside this we talked about our own struggles as students and the things the university could do to help us all.

As always feedback is always welcome. Any issues will be resolved and I wish you the best for the week ahead.

Kind regards,


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Fri 19 Feb 2021


Hi everyone reading,


I hope you're all doing okay.

So these past two weeks I have been catching up on school council meeting actions and have had an update from the head of the library about access to books and online resources as well as reading lists, and I have been assured that this is under review and the amount of copies per student of physical books is being looked at.

Also I have spoken with the head of animal conservation and wildlife and she has had some good feedback from course reps who are doing a really good job at collecting student feedback via surveys and this is a fantastic idea.

Any issues as always please let us know we're always here to help!

Wed 03 Feb 2021

fortnightly update

Hi everyone,

I will be writing this blog once every two weeks to give updates on what has been going on in the school of sciences.

Recently there has been a change for post graduate students that were facing issues in terms of laboratory equipment. This issue is now resolved and the students now feel that their voices can be heard.

I also have a new channel on teams where course reps are free to discuss any feedback or issues they may have - in order to resolve things more quickly.

There is also a course rep training on the 10th Feburary for existing course reps to attend if they wish or for students that would like to put themselves forward, bookings are available on the SU website.

Lastly, if any students have feedback they would like to give please email me at:, I am happy to help :)

Have a nice day!


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Tue 26 Jan 2021

Blog update

So weekly blogs are back and so I wanted to provide you with a quick update on how things have been going recently, 

I have been working on a postgraduate issue that will hopefully be resolved soon.

I have caught up on emails and managed to get them all sorted for this weeks shift 

I have emailed course reps with a link to training and the session will take place either on teams or via an online module.

And lastly I hope you're all keeping safe and well.

Kind regards,


Thu 02 Apr 2020

University communication

Hi guys,

Any questions that you had about the university should have been answered in the email sent out yesterday by Julia Clarke, I have this week had a conference call over Microsoft teams in order to tackle any questions students have had, more feedback and any questions you may have would be helpful in order to close the communication gap between the university. 

Hope you guys are well and staying safe! 


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Thu 26 Mar 2020

Working hard

Hi guys,

Since I was unable to post last week you lucky lot are able to get two posts in one day! 

This one is just to update you, I have now resolved three incidents the biomedical sciences students had on their course feedback and I have also been in touch with the representative from the library and we are hoping to have a look at the number of physical  copies of books in the library and more closely at the online versions to make sure everyone in sciences has the resources they need. 

Any issues you're facing please don't hesitate to email or comment in the comment section.

Hope you guys are all well. 

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Still going strong

Hi guys,

Due to the recent Covid-19 lockdown situation the tides have turned for all of us, going into the university is no longer possible, but that doesn't mean that my job as rep for the school of sciences has ceased to exist! There are still many issues that come with working from home and working away from the university, a few on my course have arisen and I am working to get them sorted out. As we know this is a stressful time for both staff and students and us school reps are here for you. Some lectures may not be giving you enough advice on assignments leaving the whole class to get confused, you can still report things to your course rep and they can pass it onto me. I recently had a situation with a lecturer myself where I was just asking about the work and the responses I was getting were very unprofessional, it's things like that, which can cause you to feel unmotivated. So if you are having problems of any sort please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you are all keeping well and following the advice of lockdown, I know it's difficult and it can be a lonely time. You don't just have to contact me about issues regarding academia if you just need someone to talk to feel free to email me any time. 

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Thu 12 Mar 2020

school of sciences update

Hi guys,

As biomedical sciences students have come to me with their outstanding issues, I am currently in talks with the library in order to get more relevant couse material into the library and hopfully to get more textbooks back in stock as extra reading for independent study is key. Another thing is that course reps and student's should welcome the opportunity to get their voices heard, as this feedback is necessary for your university experience and is completely anonymous, meaning things such as grades will not be affected in any way, I have also passed on the further information on the feedback to the head of biomedical sciences and she is currently looking into the further issues about marking and so fourth.


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