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Fri 05 Mar 2021

Week 05/03/21 Update

Hi all!

Another quick update for you all now that Semester 2 is underway, just to let you know everything that I have been getting up too, as well as some other things that people may find interesting.

Current developments:

Emails from students have been read through and replied too, any issues that arose have been noted and will be checked out.

Corona Virus University updates have been checked over if any questions about it pop up.

Issues that have been brought to my attention by course reps are being looked into.


Thats about it from my updates, another thing to note is that the Election results for the S.U. are going live today, if this interests you, you can join in on either of these two links at 4pm.



Other than that remember to stay safe,and if you need to contact me for anything you can always find me at:


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Fri 29 Jan 2021

Semester 1 Update

Hello to you all!

This is going to be the start of a hopefully Fortnightly Blog I will be producing to keep all of you in the loop with updates and anything else that has been happening behind the scenes. We can all agree that 2020 was by no means an easy time, especially when trying to start a new University year, no matter what level. Online lectures, uncertainty, and many other challenges have been faced already, first of all I would just like to say you have all done an awesome job with dealing with the issues present, and still managing to keep up the hard work as well as the efforts through the first Semester. Semester 1 for myself was all about positioning myself in my new Role and ensuring the base lines are sorted to help with the future, Although being a struggle to get the information out there, it has been an amazing opportunity to meet with and talk to so many of you, and to help out as many people as I have been able to do so so far.

Now although Online meetings are not as good as face to face, and I have been unable to meet with you all in person, I'd just like to say thank you to all that have been able to contact me, as well as take time to join meetings and talk about both the good and the bad, to improve yours, and other Engineering students University time, as much as we can in the current climate. Trust me, being a student myself, I know how much nicer it is knowing that there is someone willing to listen and willing to try and make a difference as much as they can.

As for updates of what has currently happened in Semester 1 since the start of my role, here is a list outlining some of the positive changes that have already happened.

  • Increased the amount of Course Reps present to help circulate the student issues
  • Monthly meetings and Councils being timetabled to ensure that older issues are being sorted as much as possible, and newer issues are being heard.
  • Issues with timetabling during the beginning of the year were ironed out to help students with their at home studying.
  • Producing further lines of communications with students for any future issues Semester 2 may produce.

Hopefully Semester 2 will bring us a much different experience, again hopefully for the better, keep up the good work, lets make sure we can make your, and future Engineering Students lives, much less challenging, and remember you can always come and talk to me with any kind of feedback.



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