School of Art Updates

Weekly Update 05/7/2021

Good morning everyone! Hope you have been doing well. It's pretty warm over here and some days it's just too hot to function. But anyway, here's the weekly blog update:

  • I have read through and checked my latest emails relating to student issues and I am now all caught up on these.

  • I have checked through the Microsoft Teams chat channel for any messages relating to student issues. I am now all caught up on this.

  • The discussions about the School of Arts getting Adobe Suite Licenses for next year continue!

  • I am currently trying to get the MK Cafe back and discussions are in place in the Hidden cost meetings and SU is going to contribute to this as well. We have some proposals and will push them forward. 
  • Our diversity officer Esther left the SU and the one that will be continuing the role, hence working on the Hidden Costs and the Art School problems we face is going to be Angel, which I am really excited to work with next year!
  • We have some suggestions for the University going in terms of finance for the School of Arts.
  • I have been attending assessment meetings.

That's all for now! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. My contact e-mail is:

See you next time!
Nayia <3