School of Art Updates

Weekly Update 07/6/2021

Hello folks! Here's this week's update:

Weekly update:

  • I have read through and checked my latest emails relating to student issues and I am now all caught up on these.

  • I have checked through the Microsoft Teams chat channel for any messages relating to student issues. I am now all caught up on this.

  • The discussions about the School of Arts getting Adobe Suite Licenses for next year continue!

  • Print and travel credit can now be used as Art shop credit but some issues have occurred and I am looking into them with the Head of School.
  • I am currently trying to get the MK Cafe back and discussions are in place
  • Looking for a longer plan for the Art funding for Art Students
  • Vending machines refilled, I will catch up on getting hot water facilities too. 

That's all for now! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. My contact e-mail is:

See you next time!
Nayia <3