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Weekly Update 5/3/2021

Hello there!
Hope you all had a nice week and look forward to the weekend! I have some weekly updates for you today as well so here we go:

Weekly update:

  • I have read through and checked my latest emails relating to student issues and I am now all caught up on these.

  • I have checked through the Microsoft Teams chat channel for any messages relating to student issues. I am now all caught up on this.

  • I attended a really insightful Department Course Committee and thank you to everyone who joined!

  • The discussions about the School of Arts getting Adobe Suite Licenses for next year continue!

  • I attended the Hidden Costs meeting and will wait for a new survey to be circulated to students so I can go on from there.
  • I will attend a meeting with Miss Ayliffe next Monday and would like to actually push our School of Arts to become a member of the AOI which will be beneficial for all students!


That's all for now! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. My contact e-mail is:

See you next time!

Nayia <3


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