School of Art Updates

Weekly Update 26/02/2021

Hello there!
Long time no see! Not really, but I am coming back today with a new weekly blog update! "What's the tea this week Nayia?" I probably hear you not asking...

Weekly update:

  • I have read through and checked my latest emails relating to student issues and I am now all caught up on these.

  • I have checked through the Microsoft Teams chat channel for any messages relating to student issues. I am now all caught up on this.

  • The Course Rep Student WhatsApp group for the School of Arts has increased its number of participants and people interact, which is really pleasing for me. This week we are focusing on started to collect feedback for the upcoming Arts Council.

  • I have started discussions about the School of Arts getting Adobe Suite Licenses for next year, for all students.

  • I have been following up with the Action Logs from the Arts Council.

  • I attended the Hidden Costs meeting and will wait for a new survey to be circulated to students so I can go on from there.
  • Booking for a course rep catch-up will be available before the Arts Council meeting.

(I am also planning to bake a small birthday cake for my birthday in 2 weeks, whoever guesses how old I will become gets a special type of cupcake)

That's all for now! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. My contact e-mail is:

See you next time!

Nayia <3