School of Art Updates

Weekly Update 5/2/2021

Hello there! 
I hope everything is going alright for everybody and trying to keep sane!
This is just a quick weekly update on what I have been doing this week and the week before that so let's get into it!

Weekly update:


  • I have read through and checked my latest emails relating to student issues and I am now all caught up on these.

  • I have checked through the Microsoft Teams chat channel for any messages relating to student issues. I am now all caught up on this.

  • I created a Course Rep Student WhatsApp group for the School of Arts and have let everybody know if they want to join and just generally talk about any issues that they might be facing. I have heard nothing as of yet and have not been made aware of any issues but we've discussing about University costs and budgeting. 

  • I have completed the Semester 2-course rep training.

  • I have been following up with the Action Logs from the Arts Council.

  • I have been discussing with the Head of School of Arts about fabric costs and hidden costs for students and having School of Arts meetings with them in order to let them know of the current situation the students are in at the moment.


  • I will make a School Rep Vlog. It's just an idea that's been going around but if it works out, hopefully, we can launch that in order to people to get more familiar with the role of the school reps!

That's all for now! If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. My contact e-mail is:

See you next time!