School of Architecture and Built Environment Updates

Tue 01 Jun 2021

Assignments and next steps

Well I hope like me you have all completed your assignments and made use of systems like Turn it in to check your work or the extension if needed.

I've handed in the last of my assignmnets and I have now been looking to keep myself busy with some part time work, do use the Jobs board to check for whats on offer, it has some great oppurtunities for students that have just graduated or just like me where you have some spare time on your hands. I will of course be doing some revision ready for next academic year starting, but its important to let your hair down too. 

I'm sure everyone has already but make sure you complete your SFE application if entiteled. Remember that University is open right the way through summer and staff are around to anser questions or point you in the right direction.


Stay safe

Mon 08 Mar 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

Another step colser to lockdown ending and with the sun making an apperance I'm very much ready for this to end! Speaking of things getting better, the ABE surgery thats held every Wednesday at 2pm on Teams has been getting more students joining to seee whats going on. Nice to see so many joining not to raise an issue but pass positive feedback and socialise a little. 

I was present on the last FSE meeting which are held monthly to discuss things that are happening in each departments, plans are well underway to ensure the return to campus while keeping online options for those who wish to stay away or can't return.


Please continue to get in touch and pass along any feedback, we can't change things without speaking up.

ABE Surgery address

Fri 19 Feb 2021


Hello all and thanks for stopping by.

Well the last two weeks have been busy and keeping me on my toes, lots of great feedback coming from the weekly surgery held by myself, Ameena (academic coach) and Dr Hampton, Great to see so many students putting their opinions forward and sharing what’s working well for them and what isn't. 

Ameena and I also hosted a Q&A session on Wednesday to help students in ABE with using Canvas, eVision and MyWLV, great turnout from students and we are going to hold another one in the next week or two and record it to help others in the future. This week also gave me the chance to speak with some of the level 6's and get their views over lockdown and seems a fitness bug is taking or Architecture (hopefully aided by the fitness classes hosted by the SU every Monday at 5pm).

Please do get in touch with me if you want to chat about your experiences in ABE, its always great hearing from new students and meeting new people virtually (until we can do it in person). Until then stay safe.

Sat 06 Feb 2021

Off to a great start in Semester 2

I’m pleased to say the way semester 2 has started in ABE is a great sign of things to come, the first two surgery sessions have taken place and I attended one of the lectures to introduce myself to some of the students.

So the weekly surgery is a chance for students to raise concerns, comments and compliments in a live teams meeting where respective heads of departments will be present to hopefully resolve matters at the time. It shows how keen they are to hear about the student experience and to improve resolve and possible issues quicker.

Hopefully over the coming weeks I will attend more lectures to meet more of the ABE students and help promote the student voice (in between my own lectures and training my new puppy).


Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon

Tue 26 Jan 2021

Semester one done and what's to come

Well this year has been far from perfect with all the obstacles that Covid has brought but Im pleased to say lots of possitives have been brought to light and the dedication of alot of staff has left me positive thing will continue to improve.

I've been heavily involved with alot of the planning commitees and this has given me a real insight into the work the University have been doing and have planned for the future. I was invited to take part in the commitee that decided on the new digital register planned for use by Wolverhampton University. 

I chaired the first ABE council which had lots of input from the course reps, great to see so many students getting involved and making a contrubution and this feedback has resulted in Dr Paul Hampton, myself and Ameena Khan (Academic coach) are lauching ABE surgery, this takes place on a wednesday at 2pm on teams. This will also have other heads of departments from ABE to answer questions from students directly and hopefullt this transparate way of communicating will help students fell more involved and a sense of belonging within ABE. 


Watch this space and speak out if you need anything or just want a friendly chat.

Wed 04 Mar 2020

Coming Soon

Check back soon for updates of what I've been up to!