Oliver Mills
for Shadow Councillor

Fairness, Equality, Accountability.

About Oliver

I have been involved in anti-racist/anti-war activism for pretty much my entire life having attended meetings, demonstrations and organising activities since I was a small child having being raised in the movement. My entire life has been dedicated to fighting hate and inequality. As a shadow council member I will vote on what is right and just. I will fight for our SU and our campus as a whole. I will stand up for you!

Oliver's promises

  1. I will see to it that our SU is brought back from the brink and returned to it's former glory.
  2. I will ensure SU officers are held to account should they betray their rank and office.
  3. I will ensure discrimination of any kind is rooted out and eradicated on campus.#

More information...

As a committed fighter for equality and justice I will utilise my years of experience to fight for you. You as a student and as a member of our beautifully diverse campus. A vote for me is a vote for change and a vote for hope!

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