About the Students' Union


The Students’ Union is an independent charity that is led by students for students. We’re here for all students, regardless of course, mode or location of study. We’re here to represent you, advise you and make sure you get the most out of your University experience. We also want you to be equipped with the right skills, so when it comes time to leave, you’re ready to take advantage of more opportunities than when you arrived.


Our Vision

University of Wolverhampton Students' Union: Student experience at it's best!


Our Mission

Working with students & stakeholders to ensure the Student Voice is heard and the Student Experience is enhanced, leading students to success. 


Our 3 Core Aims

To enhance the STUDENT VOICE across the University

To maximise the STUDENT EXPERIENCE for all

To promote and support STUDENT SUCCESS


You can also view the latest version of our accounts.


Your Union is led by a team of Student Officers, each with responsibility over a specific area relating to student life. These Officers, both full & part time, are elected by the student body each year in cross-campus elections. Your full time Officers are:

President: Head of the Officer team and responsible for leading the Union strategically.

Academic Vice President: Responsible for ensuring students receive a smooth, high quality academic experience and those who do not are fully assisted by the Union.

Welfare Vice President: Responsible for making sure students have a positive University experience in terms of their health & wellbeing and also lead the Union’s green & ethical strategies.

Student Experience Vice President: Responsible for ensuring students have a fun and well-rounded University experience by leading on the Union’s sporting, society & volunteering services. 



Each Officer has specific plans they want to implement to improve student life; these are based on the manifestos for which they were elected. In the past, Union Officers have liaised with the University to achieve the following:

- Separate academic & non-academic debt. Now if students owe non-academic fees such as for accommodation, they will not have their I.T. facilities turned off.

- Implement a Student Safe Taxi Scheme. This allows students to use their ID card as temporary payment for a taxi if they’ve ran out of money.

- Create an Employment Support Fund. This allows every student who applies to receive a non-refundable grant of up to £50 towards job interview costs.   


Advice & Support Centre

Numerous issues can pop up during your time at University that may disrupt your learning experience. The Advice and Support Centre (ASC) in the Union offers free, confidential and impartial advice in areas such as academic, finance, international and housing.  The ASC also has a wealth of generic information to support you in health, consumer, employment, legal and personal matters.


Student Voice

If your assignments weren’t being marked on time or you felt there weren’t enough computers available for you to complete your work, who would you speak to about it? Apart from your Union Officers you can get in touch with your course/faculty representative, a fellow student on your course/in your faculty who’s volunteered their time to listen to student views and resolve any issues as necessary. To find out more about the Student Voice system including how to become a course, school or faculty representative click on the title above.  


Volunteer Central

Volunteering is an invaluable way to develop your skills, gain experience, enhance your CV and increase your employability, all whilst doing something you love. We have partnered with a number of organisations to bring you Volunteer Central, a single place where you’ll find a wide range of opportunities than can be tailored to your interests and circumstances. 


Student Media

See yourself as a budding writer or journalist? Or do you just want to give the student perspective on the latest in current affairs? Either way we’ve got the platform for you to do just that. The Thread is our student run newspaper and is always looking for more contributors. So if you want to make your voice heard and develop key journalistic and communications skills, email contact@the-thread.co.uk to express your interest.



Lecture finished, coursework complete, revision done, if you’ve got some spare time on your hands and a hobby or interest you’d like to share with other students, we can help you join or start a society. Joining a society can not only help you meet new people but also improve communication skills and confidence. For a list of current societies click on the title above.


Health and Wellbeing

In order to get the best out of your studies you need to look after your health and wellbeing. So we've created a health and wellbeing hub that provides tips, tricks and information to keep you performing at your mental and physical peak. 



It can be a tough job taking advantage of all the opportunities your Union offers, so from time to time you’ll need to relax and take it easy. That’s when you can make your way over to our Squeezebox café and juice bars located at City and Walsall campuses. From coffee, smoothies and milkshakes to panini’s, porridge and pizza, Squeezebox has you covered.


NUS Extra Card

An NUS Extra Card gives you discounts from a massive array of retailers and it’s exclusive to students. You can get hold of yours from Students’ Union reception at either City or Walsall campus or online at www.nus.org.uk.


Our Policies 

You can view all of our organisational policies in our Policy Booklet (updated June 2015)


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