Ways to Access the Service


Our Advisers are here to assist you with academic and non-academic issues and any difficulties you may face whilst at University.

DROP IN - You can drop in to see us Monday to Friday at City Campus (Tuesdays during term time at Walsall) and if an Adviser is available, they will either see you briefly or arrange a further appointment if we need more time to discuss your case with you.

APPOINTMENT - An mutually convenient appointment can be made which will guarantee that an Adviser will be available to see you at that time by calling reception 01902 322038

TELEPHONE - As above, by calling 01902 322038 for us to take your initial enquiry

ONLINE - If unable to speak to us in person you can now click here to submit a query form online.

EMAIL - You can get in touch by emailing advice.wolvesunion@wlv.ac.uk and a member of our team will email you back as soon as possible.

SKYPE - Students can use this service to make a Skype to Skype appointment with one of our advisers. Our Skype username is: wlvunionasc (n.b. as we are not online all the time, please contact us via email to arrange an appointment in advance)

TWITTER - We are happy to answer your questions via Twitter - simply follow us and mention @wlvunionasc in your tweet.

FACEBOOK - Befriend us on Facebook by searcing wlvunion.asc

FEEDBACK SURVEY - The Advice and Support Centre is committed to making services accessible and responsive to all students and in doing so, welcomes comments, suggestions and ideas for developing further services... tell us what you think here!

A copy of our Service Level Agreement (including Complaints Procedure) can be found here