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Freshers Fayres
3rd February 11am - 3rd March 2pm
Walsall Campus - Performance Hub Foyer
4th February 7pm - 8pm
City Sports Hall
Gain strength and get a workout in this fun kickboxing session. Sessions are free to all students with a student saver card (all you need to do is register at campus sports centres).
Freshers Fayres
5th February 11am - 2pm
After the Charlie Hebdo shootings: don't let the racists divide us
5th February 4pm - 6pm
The appalling killings of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris and four more at a kosher supermarket have caused shock and horror. But the worst reaction would be to allow these sad events to be used in order to ramp up racism.
Touch Rugby
5th February 6pm - 7pm
Astroturf- Walsall
Make new friends and get fit the fun way by playing Touch Rugby. A fast paced non aggressive sport.
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Ken Harris

• Provides the main contact with the University.
• Responsible for presenting the accounts and financial issues to the rest of Executive, Union Council and the University.
• Ensures that the Vice Chancellor is aware of local issues affecting students.
• Is the full time Officer with overall responsibility for communication, democracy, finance and governance.

Email: president@wolvesunion.org
Twitter: @UWSUPresident
Tel: 01902 322045

Thu 10 May 2012

International Students Conference

It's day two of International Students Conference and I'm sat on conference floor with Joanna Zielinska.  voting opens...
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Getting you Employed

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Fri 02 Mar 2012

Weekly update- Elections & Stuff

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Tue 28 Feb 2012

Busy Busy Busy

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Wed 22 Feb 2012

What's Been Happening?

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Wed 19 Oct 2011

October Is not just for Halloween

It’s now two months in and we are well and truly into semester one. Welcome week has been and...
Thu 25 Aug 2011

Welcome from Ken

Hi I’m Ken and I would like to welcome you to your Students’ Union.  I work here full time...