Campaigns at Wolves SU

We are committed to the welfare and safety of all of our students, running a number of health, safety and welfare campaigns to raise awareness of issues, and improve your experience during your time at university.

We're also committed to representing all students and campaign for any changes you want to see by running academic campaigns, change campaigns, and through helping to deliver national campaigns across the campus'.


Types of Campaign

Generally, all campaigns will have a 'change' element to them, which makes them easier to measure, however there can be separate sections to the same campaign; raising awareness, gaining support, and making change.

Raising Awareness

Many campaigns including those for charities will start by raising awareness of themselves; getting a name, image or slogan out there. Gradually familiarity will increase and with that will be others who agree with the theme or message behind the campaign.

Gaining Support

Identifying those who agree with a campaign message is crucial to increase the numbers of people spreading the word. If it is the type of campaign where promotion is needed, these supporters may be willing to volunteer and help with the campaign, or share information with their friends about it.

Making Change

Once a campaign is visible, it can begin creating actions for change. It could be small-scale; signing a petition, for instance. It could also be large-scale; marching at a demo. Making change comes from those actions; getting new books in the learning centre, raising money for local charities, lobbying the Vice-chancellor for increased provisions on Telford campus and so on.


Setting up a Campaign

When a campaign idea comes forward, there are a number of steps which are followed to get the campaign through to its end result:

Plan out the campaign - Work out what the ideal final impact will be, and how to get there.

Prepare any materials - This can be anything from a few leaflets, to booking out a room and ticketing an event; Whatever suits the campaign best.

Running the campaign - Putting together all of that planning and running a campaign which serves its purpose.

And finally, evaluating the campaign - Campaigns can only improve if there is data showing what worked and what didn't. Collecting data can also be useful for a campaign that involves changing someone's opinion, for instance a local politician or a Dean of a school.


If you have any more questions regarding campaigns, please drop in and see your Officer team or alternatively you can email them.  Individual Officer email addresses can be found here