Catch22 Stoke & Staffordshire

Catch22 Stoke & Staffordshire work with children and young people who have gone missing from home or care, or who are at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We deliver bespoke support and interventions to children/young people to build resilience and aspiration and to support them to stay safe. We also work with their parents where appropriate to help build up the protective factors in the family.

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  • Volunteer Peer Mentor

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Purpose of role: To be a positive role model for young people, to be empathetic and have a commitment to enabling young people to fulfil their potential. To be there for young people who have previously been at risk, to listen and support them through various difficulties that they may face.

    • Opportunity LengthOngoing
    • Volunteering WithChildren and Young People, Community, Safety and Welfare, Support, Information and Advice
    • Skills
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