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Faculty Reps

Faculty Representatives are elected in the Students Union’s Spring Elections for an Academic year. Their role sees them work closely with their graduate intern who will change every year. Faculty Reps help their Faculties solve issues more efficiently and aid the experience of students in general.

Their responsibilities include attending the:

Union Council meetings – They report back to the Union Council members on what they have done in their role every 6 weeks. They can be held accountable if the council members feel they have failed to carry out their roles effectively.

Faculty Council Meeting - Held once every semester. This meeting gives the Faculty rep the opportunity to report back on any general issues the faculty or courses have been experiencing.  

Faculty Quality Enhancement Committee - Reassuring the Faculty are taking appropriate steps in quality assurance and the feedback received by students is being acted upon.

Faculty Student Experience Committee - Reassuring the Faculty are taking appropriate steps to ensure that students get the best experience while at University and that feedback from students is being acted upon. 

The Faculty reps receive training at the beginning of the Academic year and are paid up to £100 each semester for their dedication if they meet certain requirements. 

Your current Faculty Reps are as follows:

Faculty Rep Contact
Education, Health & Wellbeing (City) Gemma Gessey
Education, Health & Wellbeing (Education) VACANT  
Education, Health & Wellbeing (Postgraduate) VACANT  
Education, Health & Wellbeing (Walsall/Burton) Sophi Turner
Social Science (Leisure) Katie Minchin
Social Science (Social Science) Daniel Raw
Social Science (Postgraduate) Latoya Goldbourne
Social Science (Business) Jessica Edwards
Social Science (Law) Ewelina Florczak
Science & Engineering (Postgraduate) VACANT  
Science & Engineering (Science) Nishalini Ravindran
Science & Engineering (Engineering) Ziya Mohamed
Science & Engineering (Technology) Iman Hussain
Arts (Performing Arts) Josh Barden
Arts (Art) Jenny Plant
Arts (Humanities)  Steven Fellows
Arts (Postgraduate) Dale Bennet
Overall PhD Rep VACANT  
Overall PhD Rep VACANT  


If you are interested in filling one of the vacant faculty rep positions, contact for more information on how you can get involved.