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All our Societies are student led, to create a society please ensure you have completed the following areas:

  1. Find at least 10 individuals* that want to join your society, out of which at least 3 must form the committee membership
  2. Complete the society application form and membership list
  3. Complete your aims and objectives for the year
  4. Agree on a membership fee for your society. You should set your membership fee, so it is reflective of your expected expenditure for the year.
  5. Complete the form and a member of the Societies Team will yet in touch to arrange a meeting

* All members must be University of Wolverhampton Students and members of the Students’ Union.

Non- students may have associate membership of the society but cannot be part of the founding 10 and will not be able to benefit from the society (as defined in Byelaw 1.8 and the Articles 10 and 11 of the Articles of Association of UWSU)

If you do not have 10 students signed up to be part of your society, you can become an Establishing Club/ Society for a limited period whilst you look to increase your membership levels.


Create A New Society

Aims & Objectives




  1. Chair Representation of the society
  2. Responsible for chairing meetings with your committee several times per year
  3. Responsible for all activities of the society
  4. To be a representative when/if called upon by the Executive Committee (Full-Time Officers) or members of Student Union staff




  1. Responsible for providing agendas and minutes for any committee meetings
  2. Responsible for the running of the election process
  3. Sending updates to the Societies Coordinator with regards to your activities (




  1. Responsible for the financial outlook of the society to ensure that it is stable and not at risk of losing money
  2. To ensure that all memberships are purchased by students attending society meetings
  3. Responsible for contacting the Societies Coordinator regarding any financial claims (e.g. Society Development Fund)


You will need at least 10 details of students before we will consider your application for ratification.

It is imperative that you collect all of the information required, without it we cannot add members to the society list.

Please note:

If your application is not accepted/ratified, then an E-Mail will be sent to request a meeting time to discuss why your application was rejected and to make amendments for the application to proceed.