Charity Fundraising

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First steps...

The following steps will lead you down the road to fundraising success:

  1. Make sure you choose a UK Registered Charity to Fundraise for.
  2. Think of a fun way to raise the money.
  3. Complete and submit the SU Charity Fundraising Application to at least 10 working days prior to the fundraising commencement.
  4. Wait for the SU to contact you with approval or any questions/requirements.
  5. Once your event is approved, start advertising it!
  6. Before the event, collect the charity collection buckets you have requested from the SU.
  7. Now FUNDRAISE!!
  8. Count the money with a member of the SU Change Team
  9. Arrange the donation of the cash to the chosen Charity
  10. Make sure the SU Counter is updated!

On and Off Campus

Things to bear in mind fundraising ON campus:

  • If a space is needed, either in the SU or University, please indicate this on the application so it can be arranged with the appropriate department
  • A Risk Assessment may be needed for the event - this is part of the application itself - if it is needed and you're not sure what to do, not a problem, let us know at
  • If anyone external to the University (not a student or member of Staff), is helping with the event - such as someone from the charity itself - let the SU know as a Freedom of Speech form may be required for the individual to be on campus

Things to bear in mind fundraising OFF campus:

If you are fundraising off campus, thats not a problem, just make sure you gain approval from the district/city council. The permits can be applied for via the Charity you're collecting for or through the council directly, the relevant council permit links are below:


Wolverhampton | Walsall | Telford | Burton



  • Contact the Charity to see if they're happy you're fundraising on their behalf- they may be able to supply you with promotional material too!
  • To follow the Fundraising Code of Conduct


When fundraising as part of the Students' Union please adhere at all times to our code of conduct and safe space policy:

  • You must not harass, annoy or pressure anyone into donating
  • You can shake a bucket and vocalise yourself, but there is a line - you cannot target individuals or groups aggressively to donate
  • Don't collect in the direct vicinity of a cash machine, aggressively shaking a bucket as people walk past and directly approaching people asking them for their charity.
  • You must not collect on private property without the permission of the owner.
  •  You must not comment on where individuals’ donations will be spent specifically or speculate on how much you have raised.
  •  You must also adhere to the Code of Conduct provided by the charity you fundraise for.
  •  You must not break the confines of your permit (street collections only). Pay particular attention to the time and place in which you can collect.
  • Respcet the views and decisions of others

 Safe Space Policy

  •  You must not break the confines of your permit (street collections only). Pay particular attention to the time and place in which you can collect.
  • I enter this space with a commitment to mutual respect, mutual aid, anti-oppression, advocacy, conflict resolution, non-violence, participative democracy, and community building.
  • I respect everyone’s names, preferred gender pronouns, expressed identities, and experiences.
  • I avoid making assumptions, promote mutual appreciation, and understand that no one is required to share information about their identities or experiences.
  • I support the empowerment of each person and strive to continually acknowledge the histories and structures of oppression that marginalise some and divide us all.
  • I commit to making spaces as accessible as possible; physically, socially, and personally.
  • I do not engage in violence, threats, harassment or bullying- nor will I make individuals uncomfortable in the space.
  • I recognise that certain behaviour can be triggering for individuals, such as trivialising or dismissing someone’s thoughts or experiences.
  • I commit to listening to others, and creating opportunities for all voices to be heard.
  • I accept a shared responsibility where we all hold ourselves and one another accountable to these agreements, without violence, judgement, or assumption of intent.
  • I encourage open minds and open hearts. I do not assume the intentions of others in order to foster a non-judgemental and accessible environment.