The Students’ Union Food and More Bank is here to help any University of Wolverhampton student who finds themselves in times of financial hardship and in need of some assistance for food, toiletries or other provisions. It is operated by Students’ Union staff and supported and led by the officer team.

Access to the Food and More Bank is currently by Third Party referral only – this ensures that all practical support options may be explored when assistance is sought.

Your referral points is: SU Advice & Representation Centre

Any University of Wolverhampton student in need can be referred for help by a member of University staff, or other person in position to make a referral (Accommodation Manager, for example) by email in the first instance to

We expect that an individual student would be referred to Food and More Bank no more than 4 times per year.

At the Food and More Bank our ethos is to be non-judgemental, we want to support each other in a vibrant and caring student community. We respect all backgrounds and experiences. We have a confidentiality policy and will not divulge any details of students who access the Food Bank.

Available Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm

For more information please see the Students’ Union Food & More Bank Policy

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We welcome donations of provisions to the Students' Union reception point at City Campus. Please see our Shopping list of our most needed items

If you would like to help but don't have items to donate, you can also make a cash donation at City Campus reception.

100% of all donations received go to the continued provision of the Students' Union Food and More Bank.

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Shopping List

Pasta Sauce

Tinned Meat (Corned Beef, Ham, Pies, etc)

Tinned Fruit (Fruit Salad, Peaches, Pineapple, etc)

Tinned Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, etc)

UHT Long-Life Milk (Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed)

Toilet Roll

Toothpaste and Tooth Brushes

Individual Tea, Coffee, Sugar Sachets

Laundry Capsules


SU Food & More Bank Policy

  1. The Students' Union Food and More Bank is available and accessible to any student referred as being in financial hardship.

  2. Referral to the SU Food Bank must come from someone other than the student themselves - a member of University or SU staff, Accommodation manager etc. - and must come through the SU Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) in the first instance by email to with permission from the student, including a brief description of why the student being referred and providing the students' preferred contact details.

  3. A member of ARC will then contact the student to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to come in to City Campus and collect some provisions.

  4. Any details collected from the student when attending the ARC will be used to record food bank usage and any personal information will be subject to ARC Privacy Policy and may be used to provide students with ongoing support if necessary - ie multiple Food Bank requests may trigger a referral to an ARC advisor to explore alternative options/supprt for the student (budgeting, income maximisation etc)

  5. With regards to requests from students on other campuses (Walsall/Telford), the procedure will remain the same, except that the food parcel will be available for them to collect, usually the next working day (to allow for transportation).

  6. We would expect that an individual student would be referred to the SU Food Bank no more than 4 times per year.

  7. As a small food bank operating for just an hour or two per day on an infrequent basis, consisting of tinned and packaged foodstuffs not requiring temperature control, is not considered to have a ‘degree of organisation’, therefore is not required to be registered with the UK Food Standard Authority (FCA). However, as such, the SU Food Bank will ensure ‘best before’ dates are kept to and food is stored so that the packaging does not degrade.

  8. The SU Food Bank handles foods that may contain: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, and/or sesame. It is the recipient’s responsibility to advise of any allergies and/or food intolerances upon requesting assistance. It is advised that recipients with known allergies/ intolerances always additionally check the ingredients of each item provided, before consuming.

  9. Food Bank support is provided at the discretion of the Students’ Union and the contents of the food bank may vary, based on stock available at any given time.

Updated January 2020