Previous Elections

Previous Elections: Spring 2018 Election Results

Due a number of concerns raised about the elections, the official count was postponed so a formal investigation could be conducted. This investigation was concluded and at 1pm yesterday (Wednesday 11th April, 2018) the count was authorised to take place. We’d like to thank all the candidates for their enthusiasm throughout the elections and whether they were elected or not, we wish them the very best in the future!

See the full vote count breakdown here.

Full-time Officer Candidates - Winners

Academic Officer

Nabil Alibi

Community Officer

Jade Francis


Diversity Officer

Aida Ngene

Union Affairs Officer

This election for this postion has been cancelled.


Part-time Candidates - Winners

Ethnic Cultural and Diversity Representative


LGBT+ Representative

Ryan Tallon

Mature/Part-time/Parents Officer

Donna Nzuki

Students with Disabilities Representative

Henry Obi


Positions with no candidates

Part-time Positions

Accommodation Officer
Chair of Union Council
City Campus Officer
Environmental Officer
International Students Officer
Postgraduate Engagement Officer
Telford Campus Officer
Volunteering Engagement Officer
Walsall Campus Officer
NUS Delegate 2019 (4 Positions)

Full Time Positions

Part Time Positions