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Challenge the undemocratic Executive Council. The student body has not been consulted on the creation of an executive committee to represent societies and their needs. Propose a new, simpler system of actual representation for every society in a round table style, meaning that each society has a vote on each issue. Under the current scheme, one person will represent a whole plethora of societies under newly created categories. This is not workable and adds an unwanted layer of bureaucracy to a system already full of red tape. It is easier and more effective for societies to discuss in open forum, then vote on motions accordingly. The Union Chairperson should also chair these meeting as part of their role in overseeing and ensuring that due process is followed.


Create a truly democratic Society Council

This Idea is open for voting 22 Oct—5 Nov 2019.

We'll score this Idea once voting ends, and provide updates shortly after.

Please note that until 4pm on 25 Oct 2019 you can vote in the Societies Executive election. A by-election for outstanding posts will take place between 11—22 Nov 2019, with standing week commencing 11 Nov and voting week commencing 18 Nov.



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