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The wellbeing group, which is vital for me and many other mental ill students as a way to socialise and receive support is being stopped. As are drop-ins for mental heath support. There is also a new system being put in place that requires filling in a form to get support, this would place a barrier for many students. Filling a form is not required when going to a GP to access support. There has not been any student consultation on these matters at all. The university needs to stop making changes to our support without listening to us.


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Adeeb Ali
7:32pm on 3 Sep 19
Adeeb Ali
7:27pm on 3 Sep 19 I commented on a previous post which was simular to this. I would like to point out, as clients or end users paying for a service, it is within our right to be formally informed of any change. The students who do make use of these drop-ins/groups should be given a right to be heard by SMT, furthermore service providers are generally here to meet or exceed expectations. Outsourcing mental health support will lead up to a lack of quality control.
Rebecca Dutneall
3:41pm on 2 Sep 19 This decision has been made without talking with/ consulting the students it will effect. The University, in their infinite wisdom have decided that it will be more cost-effective to outsource the support and use agency staff to supply mental health support. This situation goes deeper though. It removes the the regular social gathering on a Friday. It’s stops the gardening group, which some find therapeutic and leaves only the Autism Group. Friday group will still meet in the chaplaincy but will be self run. People with autism and other mental health issues rely on having continuity and this won’t happen with an agency. I have said it before, and will say it again. The university seems overtly biased and only really interested in supporting, to the extent of singing from the rooftop about supporting D/deaf students to the detriment of others! They advertises themselves as The University of Opportunities. More like the University of Oppressive Regimes