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It's very noisy. people are eating and drinking and having a social life in there. The books are getting damaged with food from fingers where people have eaten. You can't think to be in the library to work quietly even where it's supposed to be quiet. It would be good not to have food, drinks, social gatherings, phones, music and I have been upset by the dreadful foul language and conversations that take place. It's a fantastic facility for research and reading PLEASE would people show more respect for the work others are trying to do and have their social lives somewhere else.


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Johanna Roberts
11:02am on 24 Aug 19 I totally agree. It's noisy and at times intimidating with so many people gathered together making it difficult to access books. It is a fantastic resource and as a mature part time student I have limited time to use it, I just wish that it wasn't used as a common room.
Adam Southall
4:26pm on 23 Aug 19 After consulting the Union Chair, a comment on this Idea was removed for violating the Code of Conduct.