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Separate bins are provided at Telford campus for paper and plastic recycling, as well as general waste. However, I have been informed that there is no longer any recycling done at this campus, and all of the waste from these recycling bins is placed in the same general waste disposal. This has most likely been done for cost reduction, but recycling isn't just about saving money. The separate bins are also misleading people into thinking they are recycling. Can the SU please look into the recycling situation on Telford campus and confirm if it is being completed? If it isn't, can you please look into reintroducing it?


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Kieran Bott
2:35pm on 27 Aug 19 The reason that this happens is because the university pays a significant amount (7 figures, I believe) every year for the waste to be sorted after it has been collected. In other words "recycling" "waste paper" or "general waste" bins have never actually existed, they are collected together and sent off to another facility where recyclables are sorted from non-recyclables. The reason for the bins retaining the designations such as "recycling" or "waste paper" is that it is considered to encourage recycling.
Abbie Cobden
10:12pm on 22 Aug 19 We have the same problem on Walsall campus, and have seen the recycling waste being put in with the general waste when the rubbish is collected.