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University gave me, and many of my colleagues depression. Like suicidal thoughts. It's also ruined lives and marriages. The combination of low worth, high debt, lack of opportunities have driven hundreds of student's to the edge. In the past the SU has laughed this off by saying the dog is a therapist. I'm sorry but how on earth is a dog a therapist? Grow up. UoB, UCB, BCU, Cov, UoW, Warwick all have on-site appointment/drop-in thereapists. Does a student have to actually kill themself on campus for WLV to get one? So yeah, hopefully this will raise awareness of how dire the situation is at the University that students are literally driven to suicide.


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Adam Southall
4:45pm on 27 Aug 19 This Idea has passed as a Third with a score of 45. Comments are only open during the voting stage of an Idea.
Ella Griffin
12:50pm on 21 Aug 19 ...the formatting on change doesn’t make for good readability. :I
Ella Griffin
12:50pm on 21 Aug 19 Very much agree, the uni professes to ‘care about wellbeing’ but they mean ‘exam stress’ and ‘feeling down’—meaning only very minor anxiety and distress. Students who are struggling are clearly disposable to this university, or not worth the vast amount of funding that goes to yet more buildings as opposed to our wellbeing. There is never any mention of conditions beyond ‘feeling down and worried’ or any serious help for anxiety and depression when that’s actually brought up. I hear voices, something that is highly stigmatised, yet that is never discussed by this university along with other ‘scary’ conditions. In short, I do not believe this university cares about mentally ill students, and I will fight until they do. I hope your proposal is considered at least, I plan to bring up to others.
Jamie Stevens
4:41pm on 12 Aug 19 Or be able to fund it externally when needed.