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As Students we never get the chance to meet with the management side of the Students' Union - we should have an event where students can meet with the management to raise their ideas and/or concerns, and see how the management work to represent the student body.


Meet and greet/Q&A with Students' Union senior management

This Idea for Change opened on 25 Apr 2019 and closed on 9 May 2019.

12 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of +23.

This Idea has passed.

  • 9 May 2019: Annual Student Meetings are a requirement in the proposed Articles of Association. The Articles of Association "includes a requirement for the Trustees to hold an Annual Student Meeting each academic year to inform students of the work they have done as well as to approve accounts and other items, detailed in the Articles." 
  • If you want to to have Annual Student Meetings, you must attend the General Meeting on 17 May, noon, in MC001 and vote for the proposed Articles of Assocation.

This Idea is a win and is complete.

If you want to have Annual Student Meetings that involve Q&As with Officers and Senior Staff of the Students' Union, please attend the General Meeting on 17 May 2019, noon, in MC001 and vote for the proposed Articles of Association. 



Adam Southall
12:14pm on 10 May 19 This Idea is complete and comments are closed.
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