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They refuse to listen to everyone and have said that they will be offended if there is any meat products by the vegetarian options. They have told us that we should cross the road and go elsewhere for food, when if the tables were turned how would they feel if told the same? The options for vegetarian and vegan need looking into also as the options as said by many i have asked is not up to their standards such as the sandwiches.


More variety and meat products within the Arts Building Café

This Idea for Change opened on 22 Apr 2019 and closed on 6 May 2019.

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This Idea has failed as too few students voted. The minimum number of students who need to vote for an Idea to meet the threshold is 10. There are no futher actions on this Idea for Change.



Marie Dodd
1:44pm on 7 May 19 This Idea has failed and discussion is closed.
Elizabeth Smith
11:09pm on 22 Apr 19 sure, the MK cafe is a bit sad (& definitely lacking a bit in tasty vegan options), but come on, it's the ONLY entirely veggie/vegan cafe in Wolves town centre!? you have so many places to eat meat in!?