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After the attacks which took place in New Zealand, the eyes of the World fall on PM Jacinda Ardern. She was acknowledged for her leaderships skills, support, unity and most importantly peace. As we are they wuniversity of Opportunity we should show our support to a World leader.

[TVNZ Article: "Petition to give Jacinda Ardern Nobel Peace Prize reaches more than 18,000"]


There should be a photo of Jacinda Ardern in the courtyard

This Idea for Change opened on 20 Apr 2019 and closed on 3 May 2019.

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Marie Dodd
1:16pm on 7 May 19 This Idea has failed and discussion is closed.
Iman Hussain
3:11am on 25 Apr 19 let's make her caliph of britain
Adeeb Ali
9:12am on 21 Apr 19 Lets invite her to our university to do a talk
Iman Hussain
11:37pm on 20 Apr 19 Let's make her god emperor of humanity