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Wolves Hoodies

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one free wolves hoodie to all participants who want one.


Wolves Hoodies

This Idea for Change opened on 16 Apr 2019 and closes on 30 Apr 2019.

We'll have further updates on this Idea once it closes. 



Iman Hussain
5:13pm on 16 Apr 19 Well if you think about it Connor, the University has £365,000 a year budget. So they can afford to give everyone 3 hoodies. Not like the money is spent on anything else.
Chad Astbury
3:54pm on 16 Apr 19 Additionally, remember if you collect enough Yo-yo points, you can claim a Hoodie anyway!
Chad Astbury
3:53pm on 16 Apr 19 I very much agree Connor; I feel this would be a waste of resources.
Connor Levers
3:49pm on 16 Apr 19 At roughly £20 a hoodie and there being 23,000 students at Wolves. Lets assume only 1/4 of those take up the offer of a free hoodie... That's 5,750 students. 5,750 students x £20 = £115,000. Ngl, I'd much rather the money be spent on other things in the SU. e.g. Funding more buses to transport students between campuses.
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