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I guess to really make it fun for motorsport students is to have a couple of racing simulators set up. I have a good budget solution so hmu.

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Reuse 2-3 computers off the library, put in some gtx 1050s (any sub £100 card will do) in there, re-use the monitors, keyboards etc. Get some used g27s (cheap but sturdy force feedback wheel and pedals) or g29s if you're buying new, and BANG, you got yourself a uni racing tournament. Hit me up if you need any further consultation as I have been sim-racing for about 5 years now. Also, you don't need iRacing, as that's too expensive, something like rfactor 2 or AMS with a ton of free mods will do fine. Overall, all of this should cost less than a pool table.


Motorsport Racing Simulators

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