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Recycling bin in The Venue

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Due the lack of a recycling bin in The Venue and only a general waste bin, a lot of recyclable rubbish is just thrown in general waste. The nature of The Venue, of course, means that the vast majority of rubbish amassed in the room - bottles, paper plates and cups, a lot of food and drink wrappers, paper - is recyclable. Of course some students will carry it outside the room and recycle it, but many will just throw it in general waste, especially when there is a large amount. It should be a very simple fix, especially when there are already loads of recycling bins in the SU.


Recycling bin in The Venue

This Idea for Change opened on 12 Apr 2019 and closes on 26 Apr 2019.

We'll have further updates on this Idea once it closes. 



Alex Jenkins
12:28pm on 17 Apr 19 Definitely! We should all be doing as much as we can to protect the environment, in my honest opinion. This is only part of it, of course, but it definitely goes a long way (at least locally)
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