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The SU should moderate the comments posted onto the Create Change petitions to stop people from making immature, abusive or non-constructive comments.

There is one individual who comments on the vast majority of petitions and will either abuse other students or spam the petition.

It's not funny/edgy, it's arrogant and obnoxious.


Ban users who consistently make abusive and non-constructive comments

This Big Idea for Change opened on 13 Mar 2019 and closes on 27 Mar 2019.

As a Big Idea, a minimum of 333 students need to vote on this Idea. Should this number of students vote, the Idea will need a simple majority to pass. 

In total, 29 students voted on this Big Idea. This did not meet the minimum number of votes required, and has thus failed. There will be no further updates on this Idea. 



Marie Dodd
5:13pm on 11 Apr 19 This Big Idea did not reach the minimum number of students required and has failed. Comments are closed on this Idea.
Edward Young
1:48pm on 14 Mar 19 @connor, There is already a create change for a report/moderation system up. I don't know if we can link things on this, but I will try: I also agree with Myra. There needs to be absolute, and very tight guidelines.
Mya Ferron
1:06am on 14 Mar 19 Whilst I note that the description of comments given here is one that concerns posts of quite obvious trolling I have the following to say; Please further/better define "abusive and non-constructive comments"; Lest we inadvertently inhibit freedom of speech and support the already dwindling capabilities of people within contemporary society to converse with others who don't share their world view. Making a blanket statement such as "abusive and non-constructive" is entirely too vague, the above definition leaves too much room for personal offence of/to any moderators of the site and sets a precedent for students further withholding their voices for fear of consequences. If you're going to moderate the site, great, go for it, but please provide stringent guidelines for comments so that such a system is not susceptible to potential abuse.
Kieran Bott
10:52pm on 13 Mar 19 I did vote strongly agree as I believe that this should be an option, although reserved to be used as a last resort. There does definitely need to be some steps in place and a procedure to follow before anyone is completely removed from the system. However, the fact that some individuals are more than happy to plaster abusive, concerning or arrogant comments - not to mention one such individual who also last year went as far as covering a post on the SU's Facebook page with full on anti-semitic comments - it just isn't acceptible as it currently stands. The fact that people are still doing this and feel that they can get away with it, that certainly needs to be addressed and, whilst there are plenty of steps that could be taken prior to fully removing them - for example, removing comments and providing a warning, temporary bans when these are ignored - I do think the option needs to remain in place for those who repeatedly do this to be banned outright from this platform.
Connor Levers
7:19pm on 13 Mar 19 @Edward and Kieran, maybe having some sort of moderation of CreateChange would be better. Delete the nonconstructive comment and maybe have a strike system.
Kieran Bott
1:21pm on 13 Mar 19 I think it's the banning part that makes it a big change. Merely deleting comments or whatever wouldn't be so big, but punishing people who misuse the system by totally disenfranchising them from this process is obviously a much larger decision to make.
Phoebe Hinton-Sheley
1:13pm on 13 Mar 19 I agree Connor
Edward Young
1:11pm on 13 Mar 19 I don't think banning students is a good idea. Limiting their capacity to comment or providing some kind of moderation system, absolutely. Reporting them and having disciplinary actions in place, certainly. outright banning? not so much.
Connor Levers
1:02pm on 13 Mar 19 I don't really see why moderating Create Change is a 'big idea'... Surely it's something to be expected by a service being provided by the SU and it's own 'safe-space' policy.