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Until his charges are dropped, just for a bit.


Ban Michael Jackson from the Uni's music playlist

This Idea for Change opened on 12 March 2019 and closes on 26 March 2019.

31 students voted on this Idea, giving a score of -28.

Ideas need a score above 10 to pass, and therefore this Idea has failed. There are no further actions on this Idea.



Marie Dodd
5:08pm on 11 Apr 19 The Idea is closed and discussion is closed.
Luisa Tierney
11:42am on 25 Mar 19 I think the music should be treated separately to him as an individual. There were more people than just him involved in making the music. Producers and promoters etc, good people. The music itself is innocent and spreads a positive message.
Michael Anderson
2:49pm on 14 Mar 19 ignorant, you're being ignorant
Luke Stynes
2:34pm on 13 Mar 19 FuNnY jOkE
Kieran Bott
9:46pm on 12 Mar 19 Just ban his music in general. We only want music that actually rocks! Get a bit of Weezer, Green Day, Audioslave, Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots going everywhere!
Stuart Jones
6:07pm on 12 Mar 19 Let the man rest.